9 to go…

March 27, 2009

Aston Villa (H) – Sunday 5th April, 4pm

Sunderland (A) – Saturday 11th April, 3pm

Portsmouth (H) – Wednesday 22nd April, 8pm

Tottenham (H) – Saturday 25th April, 5pm

Middlesborough (A) – Saturday 2nd May, 3pm

Manchester City (H) – Saturday 9th May, 3pm*

Wigan Athletic (A) – Wednesday 13th May, 8pm

Arsenal (H) – Saturday 16th May, 3pm*

Hull City (A) – Sunday 24th May, 4pm


Can the Reds get back on track?

March 27, 2009

After a long spell out of action, GloryGloryManUtd is now back – at the most crucial part of the season.

There’s certainly lots to talk about – 2 consecutive losses for the first time in 147 games…what is all that about?! Having just got over the misery of losing to the Scouse scum at Old Trafford, most expected United to come roaring back from their defeat, as they’ve done countless times under Fergie over the the years. But let’s not dwell on that – that’s all in the past.

We must look ahead to our clash against Villa in 9 days’ time at OT. Villa have had a superb season, despite their season catching up with them in the last few matches (they’ve lost their last 3), and so won’t be a walkover. The boys will have had 2 weeks since the Fulham upset as well, and this should be a healthy break for United – to re-group, get their act together and prepare for the crucial 9 remaining games of the season. Yes, we may have Scholes, Rooney & Vidic out for the Villa clash, but we’re the Champions after all; we’re United – losing just isn’t in our nature. Save the last 2 games, our defence has been awesome, and our attack the most feared in the Premiership.

The worrying thing is that the last couple of games has somewhat weakened our “invinicble” status, and so other times may feel a little more confident against us. But this shouldn’t make a huge difference. What we need is a good solid game against Villa = an early goal would be brilliant.

Interestingly, Liverpool play Fulham away the Saturday before; let’s hope Roy Hodgson and his men can pull off something against them. Of course, Liverpool also have the chance to go ahead of us, as they play on Saturday, whilst we meet Villa on Sunday.

Fingers crossed, there won’t be any major injuries sustained in the coming Internationals, and the United boys will come back rejuvenated on Sunday, and push into 5th gear against Villa from the word go.

We’re still a point ahead,  we’re still in all 3 competitions, and there’s still a game in hand (Portsmouth), so let’s dust ourselves off, hold our heads up high, and remind the rest of the League exactly who we are and what we’re made of.

A win against Villa will not only get us back on track in the League, but will up our confidence for the crucial FA Cup & Champions League games – we play Porta at OT just 2 days after the Villa tie.


Bring it on!