Video: John Terry spits on Carlos Tevez

May 22, 2008

Many might have felt genuinely sorry for John Terry when he slipped whilst taking his potentially trophy-winning penalty. But earlier, amongst the Drogba sending-off incident deep in the second half of extra time, he clearly spat on Carlos Tevez right under the referee’s nose, holding up his arm to disguise it – followed by Tevez wiping his neck with hand, bemused. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Watch at around 12-14 seconds into the clip…not nice!

What goes around comes around, John…

What do you think? Should action be taken against John Terry?

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Video: The penalty shoot-out

May 22, 2008

Could watch this ALL day long.

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Video: Champions League Final highlights

May 22, 2008

Ronaldo goal (26): 1-0

Lampard goal (45): 1-1

First half highlights

Penalty shoot-out: 6-5


Trophy celebration

Giggs’ post-match interview

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